I love this quiet, the reflections on the water. And I am very fond of this little ferry across the laguna at Butrint! It can fit up to two, at most three cars. It replaces the need for a bridge, and connects the villages behind to Saranda – including a small border crossing to Greece.

It is just a tiny crossing point, in a corner of the world where since Greek and Roman times there has been a crossroads of cultures, watch towers across the straight of Corfu, departure and landing between the Balkans and the Italian boot. Today it is an easy «Albanian experience» for tourists staying on Corfu and «daring» to visit the formerly cut off region and its archeological treasures for a day.

And yet – despite, or because it has seen so many empires, changes, cultures, religions, philosophers and soldiers in times of peace and war – it has such a peaceful atmosphere about it. No matter what happens next – crossroads stay crossroads, constantly changing somehow, while keeping their very own characteristics.

a little crossing