sometimes it all comes together. frequently before christmas… the air has a special quality. it is dense – with hopes, expectations, happiness and sadness, wanted and unwanted emotions. many would call it stressful and tiring, as duty and joy compete for space these days. yet, how much life and aliveness lies just in this.

it seems like all of our past and all of our future meet – between the years. and there is the present too! the past likes to hide in the smell of spices pouring out of the seasonal specialties, between the many stars and lights in the streets, under the christmas tree. it brings loved ones alive and back in our lives, and perfectly functions as a time-machine, carrying us to any age and stage – showing us scenes we’d like to re-live, and others we wish we could erase and write new. the future jumps at us – in form of budget discussions as well as visions, dreams, resolutions for the year to come. it stands there when we talk to friends and family and tell them about the changes in our lives and where we think they will lead us. and well, the present just is. not caring about the festive season – human lives start and end, the natural forces move unimpressed, happy gatherings demand extensive preparations, and besides this all the little every-day anythings quietly but insistently demand our attention.

in the midst of it all i happen to look up at the stars. the maybe most stable companions of life on our planet – as we perceive it. though what we see is actually the light an age-old constellation, today’s projection of a past setting.

i am wise to chose to enjoy today’s projection, it is unique and happens only today. and every day is today… a today i prepare for, but which will always surprise me. i never want to stop wondering and admiring just what is.