Movements that take place in one place reverberate and alter other places, paths and stories, and by sharing them new scenarios and potentialities are taking shape. Waves will depart from the countryside of São Paulo to meet stories, music, experiences, tales of origins and travels all over the planet.

In Lins (Sp) they will meet between 28th and 30th January: Simone Grande and Helena Castro (As Meninas do Conto, SP) Andressa Giacomini and Deraldo (Cia Koi, Lins, SP), Fátima Martins (Núcleo Coletivo Allegro, Guarujá, SP) and others… In the preparations for this meeting by zeitraum, an initiative by Sophie Mauch (Switzerland), who develops projects integrating culture, education and arts, messages of connection have travelled and reached Nadine Seeger, Cecilia Zugaib and Bianca Góis Barbosa.

We propose the creation of a chain-reaction-river connecting places, paths and stories across the globe. The idea is to create a flow of stimulus-response: a poem, a video, a painting, a hai ku, a whisper, an audio… in the format that each one wishes to tell, from the story of others, their own story and pass it on, leaving it open to flow and reverberate in the others.

The program of the virtual edition: collect the contacts of all interested until 16/01; on the 18/01 to publish the flow of the river – how the chain of reactions will take place – into the «sea» on the 25/01. This will be our gift to be shared virtually on the 30th January at 6pm (Switzerland) with the meeting of Lins who will also share their experiences and productions. This virtual meeting will also be open to interested spectators.

We would like to invite you to be part of this network and exchange with us, we believe we have much to share and create together.

Project and programming in Brazil:

If you wish to confirm your participation or for further information or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:
Bianca Góis: or +41 79 273 75 74 (WhatsApp)

Our best regards
Sophie Mauch, Bianca Gois, Cecilia Zugaib and Nadine Seeger

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Onsite participants in Lins, SP: