The world in white, all quiet. What a beautiful start. I decide to make some New Year Resolutions:

– Take a picture from my window across the park every day (which already I do very very often anyway, but now I’ll try to get the same angle each time, so I’ll be able to slide through the year. Thanks to Erwin for the inspiration!)

– Write a story every day. Or a sentence. Or a word… just something!

– Love. Follow my heart. Live it. And love the world and the humans – despite and because of their imperfections, their vulnerability, their fears and hopes. (I won’t always succeed at this, I know. But – I will remind myself every day!)

Knitting the soft ball of alpaca wool into a tissue, giving it a form and a function, bringing its beauty and softness into wonderful use. And while doing one stitch after the other, thinking about how the world is formed in this same way – each individual movement a small link connecting us to a small fraction of the world, and forming a part of the tissue.