When it all comes together… real and plastic flowers decorating the cementary next to a bunker from the communist era, now used as a shed. Towering above are the high tension electricity cables, these days connecting all but the most remote areas of the country. Behind, some houses under construction – as they may possibly remain for years, if not generations. Not on this picture on a tiny patch of green there was a black cow standing, feeding on the spring grass. The air is hazy,  water sits in metal barrels on top of each house to cater for the needs of its inhabitants.

A seemingly impossible mixture of elements, to me it represents a dense concentration of life – blossoming, dying, fighting, defending and protecting itself, trying to make a home and find a corner of calm in the midst of all. There are bars around the tombs – locked in or protected even in death?

present - past - futureOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA