On the road to Vermosh. A rough one indeed, taking u-turn after u-turn to higher up into the twisting mountains. No traffic, because no cars around. And then, suddenly, out of sight from any village or single houses, a narrow suspension bridge, rocks towering above. And two men chatting away, as if it was the village coffee bar. What would they talk about?

The image stayed with me. Since I can remember, I’ve played with the thought, how differently we would view any person we’d encounter in a lonely landscape, seeing them from afar. How would we interact – wave, meet, exchange news? What a contrast to all the people we see while in a city, or commuting to work – with always the same faces, that don’t inspire any friendlyness in us, because we don’t even want to be where we are, don’t want to go to the place we are going to, and not to be sitting (or worse, standing) between the people who are forced to enter too close into our personal sphere…

We talked for a good while to the few people we met at the end of the road, some hours later. And felt ready to travel on, after a shared soft drink out of a can at the only shop in the village, and some shared moments.